Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Papal pornography

I feel compelled to write this post because I could not stand to see its 'watch this space' linger aimlessly any longer. But brief, as I have just written one post and want to avoid indulging my opinions too much. (Comments to selves.)

Back when John Paul II died, we were treated to fetishistic, orgiastic coverage of the ensuing mêlée. "Look at the body!" "Doesn't he look peaceful?" "Doesn't he look holy?" 24/24h, 7/7j as the French unelliptically say. Frankly, a little voyeuristic. Prurient, even. People having faux-religious orgasms over the blow-by-blow news reports, from Parkinson's to death rattle to burial.

We gazed upon the news until we were sated. It's the same with much else, I cannot deny. But the prevalence of voyeurism elsewhere does not lessen the distaste I have for its manifestation here. I think some people enjoyed it all a little too much.




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