Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My day job

Just in case anyone is sceptical enough to believe that my illusion of busyness is just, in fact, an illusion, here are links to my articles written for Spear's WMS, of which I am Senior Editor.

How to Spend It (Where to put any money you may have right now)
Payback Time (The new arena of philanthrocapitalism)
Reality Bites (I eat a £1,000-a-head meal and live to tell the tale)
From Russia With Loot (How Russians can best escape Russia)
Haven on Earth I and II (The world's best and worst tax havens)
Ticket, Please (A profile of the London Library)
Help! (How to deal with one's staff)
Twilight Zone (An interview with Bill Henson, Australia's greatest living artist)

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