Friday, February 06, 2009

Thatched, matched, dispatched: a BBC conspiracy?

Far be it from me to stoke conspiracy theories - especially ones favoured by the excitable middle market papers - but the idea that the BBC hates Margaret Thatcher received support from possible the most likely place.

After her daughter Carol was thrown off the One Show for a racist remark, thousands complained that this was because of a BBC vendetta against the Iron Lady. Well, the conspiracy grows: on QI just now, one of the witnesses to the remark, Jo Brand, said that Thatcher's ennoblement meant she now sounded like a pubic depilator. Laughs all round.

Of course, Jo Brand is not the entire BBC and does not represent its views, and QI was filmed weeks before the Carol Thatcher controversy, but no doubt those who so enjoy foaming at the mouth will be filling letters columns citing this as proof of all sorts of conspiracies. Did someone say they saw Jo Brand behind the grassy knoll...?

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