Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why?: Some questions raised by 'He's Just Not That Into You'

A serious film like He's Just Not That Into You (based, as are all cinematic classics, on a self-help guide for terminally optimistic singletons) deserves serious critical consideration. Sadly, it only has me. Nevertheless, some questions raised by the film.

1. Why?
2. Why?
3. Seriously, why?
4. What has happened to Scarlett Johansson's career? She was so good in Lost in Translation and - well, so far that's it.
5. Are Scarlett's breasts really worth sitting through two hours of HJNTIY (as it would be called were this a pronounceable acronym)? They do get a lot of screen time.
6. This film is set in Baltimore, home of The Wire and Homicide: Life on the Street. Is it thus plausible that there is not a single murder in two hours?
7. Why couldn't Jennifer Aniston's character have been murdered?
8. Or even Jennifer Connelly's?
9. Why don't we see Drew Barrymore in more films? She was the only one with spark in the whole palaver.
10. Why are black women (especially fat ones) and gay guys inherently funny? As one of the latter (but not the former), I would suggest we can be rather witty, but when the only 'laughs' in the film are assigned to these two categories, you have to wonder if we're doing more than our share of the laugh-lifting.
11. Are lines like 'You're my exception' due to become classics along the lines of 'We'll always have Paris'?
12. Are women really as stupid as the film portrays?
13. Are men really as cruel?
14. If so, why do we go on?
15. Are we supposed to approve of Scarlett acting as a home-wrecker? It seems so, but in a film where a relationship is the highest good, adultery is presumably bad.
16. Why am I spending so much time asking questions about this film?
17. Seriously, why?

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