Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cathedral of Shit knows the art world's secrets...

...and isn't afraid to tell them. The contemporary art world - filled with million-pound paintings, august institutions, competitive gallerists, rich collectors and so many egos - is never that good at keeping things quiet. There's always some advantage (or just glee) to be gained by spilling the beans, and the better your sources the more popular you'll be.

By that yardstick, Cathedral of Shit is the most beautiful girl at the dance. The anonymously-written blog is roiling the art scene with its Deep-Throat-like knowledge, and art parties now resemble McCarthy's inquiries: "Are you now or have you ever been a contributor to Cathedral of Shit?"

Someone is spilling secrets, about art PRs out of favour and gallerists out of luck, plus there is plenty of general mockery of art's nostrums and most celebrated figures (especially Damien Hirst). Why is the Armory art fair in New York having a rough time? Which PR was banned from Frieze this year? And what's going on with the ICA? Plus, it performs a public service in working out where the Arts Council has been wasting its money.

The finger has been pointed in several directions, including at this writer, and there are several likely suspects, but whoever it is is taking no prisoners.

Ironically, one thing is for certain: Cathedral of Shit has given the art world one more thing to gossip about.

from theartsdesk.com

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